Parties to the MoU host an annual meeting, attended by high-level representatives, on rotational basis. The host agency acts as teh SEA-PAC Chair and Secretariat from one annual meeting to the next. The ten meetings held to date and their respective hosts are as follows:-

1st meeting, Malaysia, June 2005

2nd meeting, Brunei Darussalam, June 2006

3rd meeting, Singapore, September 2007

4th meeting, Philippines, August 2008

5th meeting, Vietnam, September 2009

6th meeting, Cambodia, November 2010

7th meeting, Thailand, December 2011

8th meeting, Indonesia, September 2012

9th meeting, Lao PDR, November 2013

10th meeting, Malaysia, December 2014

11th meeting, Brunei Darussalam, December 2015

12th meeting, Myanmar, December 2016

13th meeting, Phillippines, November 2017

At least one Secretariat Meeting is organized annually by the Chair agency, usually around four months prior to the SEA-PAC Annual Meeting. The Secretariat Meetings are normally attended by the focal points of each SEA-PAC members and/or other delegates as appropriate and as deemed necessary.