Important Activities of ACU in 2019 – Progress of 2nd cycle of UNCAC Review for Cambodia

Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of the Kingdom of Cambodia on 30-31 October and 01 November of 2019 had arranged a meeting to receive a country visit on the UNCAC Implementation of second cycle in Cambodia for the UN representatives and experts from Thailand and Eswatini joining by governmental experts, representatives of public institutions, judicial fields, private sector, and CSOs.

The meeting was arranged for the purpose of providing as a forum for the reviewers to discuss in details with all relevant parties involved with actual practicing on top of the information provided in the self-assessment reports that Cambodia had submitted to the UN after it was adopted by the meeting of the Council of Ministers on 30 August 2019 related with legal formalities of UNCAC and it was abided by Cambodia which focused on Chapter II(Measures on Prevention of Corruption) and Chapter V (Recovery of Proceeds of Corruption). After the meeting ended UNODC sent a thank letter for Cambodia for the kind support of the Royal Government and Anti-Corruption Unit in arranging the meeting and considered that the arrangement and the review in Cambodia as a good model. Meanwhile for the UNCAC review process for second cycle; Cambodia will also send its governmental experts to review Kiribati as well.

Progress of 2nd cycle of UNCAC Review for Cambodia

Cambodian representatives from all relevant parties participating in the review process for 2nd cycle of UNCAC Review in Cambodia.

Progress of 2nd cycle of UNCAC Review for Cambodia 2

UN Representatives and governmental experts from Ewatini and Thailand in the process of reviewing Second Cycle of UNCAC Implementation in Cambodia.