Important Activities of ACU in 2019 – Obstruction

Strengthening the law implementation, legal means and supporting the goodwill of strengthening the transparency of work aiming to enhance trust in the good leadership of each ministry/institution from mass population; ACU participated in observing and playing role assisting the heads of ministry/institution providing all information both advantages and disadvantages and lacking points performed by the officials of these ministry/institution that could let the leaders know in time on two main tasks such as the public procurement (in total 613 times equal to 1,126 projects at 68 ministries/institutions) and entrance exams of public servants at ministries/institutions and entrance exams of professional students (in total 7 ministries/institutions equal to 8 times) and also ACU participated to obstruct irregularities of high school examinations in 2019 as well on all phases from before the exam process, during exam process, and the marking process.


ACU team work participated to obstruct the irregularities in the examination to recruit new public servants at Ministry of Health in 2019.