Important Activities of ACU in 2019 – Prevention

Aiming to enhance the trust of the publics in public services delivery with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and line ministries; ACU participated in setting up and making changes to the joint declaration on public services delivery and providing incentives for 6 times at 6 ministries/institutions and has also monitored the public services delivery for 5 times at Department of Land Management, Urban Planning, Construction, Cadaster of Kandal Province and 4 times at Office of Land Management, Urban Planning, Construction and Cadaster of Municipal and district. ACU has warned in writing to 3 officials who at the first stage lacking in implementing the law and other existing regulations.

ACU has expanded the commitment of private sector to conduct clean business by signing MoU on the cooperation between ACU and private companies for 3 companies.

The dissemination of Anti-Corruption Law (ACL)

MoU signing ceremony on the cooperation between ACU and Private Companies