Important Activities of ACU in 2019 – The dissemination of Anti-Corruption Law (ACL)

In 2019; ACU disseminated ACL and its amendment at the ministries/institutions such as Police Commissariat, Provincial Office, Municipal district, Office of Citizens of Provincial Administration, Professional schools, Private sector and other vulnerable targets for 27 targeted places participated by 4 986 persons; there is also a distribution of legal documents, posters, and calendars with educational contents and stimulate the engagement in fighting corruption and the contents related with the policies and education against corruption are also disseminated through social media reaching around 181 626 people.

The dissemination of Anti-Corruption Law (ACL)

Lecture by H.E. Dr. Om Yentieng, Senior Minister, President of ACU for Leaders and Officers of General Department of Taxation on the Anti-Corruption Law