The outstanding activities of ACU in 2018 – ACU’s strategies (Prevention)

Prevention of Corruption

ACU continues to work hard with high consideration; especially on the target places that are vulnerable to corruption. ACU had cooperated with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MoEF) and line ministries to prepare, examine and correct the joint proclamation on the public services, fines, and providing incentives and examined the work of public services delivery aimed at gaining the trust of the publics on the public services delivery. ACU had observed and provided the information for the ministries/institutions on the advantages and disadvantages of the officials for correction as well. In 2018 ACU had observed the process of public procurement for 667 projects of 69 ministries/institutions. For the observation of examination for newly recruited civil servants and the exams at various ministries/institutions; ACU had participated in Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture and Fines Art, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport etc. Likewise, for the observation of high school examination in 2017-2018 there are 5,258 volunteer observers placed throughout the country and all volunteer observers had been trained as the observers.

ACU 2018

ACU observed the examination of tourist guides, 19th Batch, for the region of Phnom Penh and Surroundings on June 23, 2018.

ACU 2018

ACU observed the examination of Judges, 9th Batch, at the Royal Judges Academy on November 6-7, 2018.