Outstanding Activities of ACU in 2017

Enforcement on Anti-Corruption Law

Not different from previous years, the law enforcement of ACU on corruption offence is still continually operated actively. Last year, 2017, ACU worked on 588 complaints submitted directly and indirectly to the Unit. Among those, 08 cases were brought to court which involved 15 suspects. Despite of having fewer cases brought to the court, there are more cases are under investigation and the process of evidences collection is being done to support the case before taking further actions. Significantly, only any complaints found involved with corrupt offences shall be put to be investigated and take further legal proceeding, (1) Anti-Corruption Unit cannot investigate offences except corruption ones unless the Unit is ordered by the court to do so, (2) The Court can order the Anti-Corruption Unit to undertake forensic inquiries in order to facilitate the work of the court. This shows that ACU is working very thoroughly and seriously on all complainst submitted to ACU without discriminating the political tendencies and positions of the suspects.