Outstanding Activities of ACU in 2017

Anti-Corruption Law Dissemination

2017, the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) paid high attention on the dissemination of anti-corruption law at many public institutions and educational institutions in Takeo province which include many provincial departments, universities, high schools, secondary schools, communes, and so on. The ACU also conducted its law dissemination events at many other public institutions and educational institutions in other provinces which are the targeted area imposed by complaint cases or upon request which include Siem Reap, Kompong Cham, Pailin, Kompong Chhnang province, and Phnom Penh capital. In total, there are 31, 496 participants have been reached out and participated in the dissemination activities this year. The main goal of this dissemination is to enhance the awareness of the anti-corruption law to the public officials in charge of public service delivery and law enforcement officials.


Anti-Corruption Law dissemination at Takeo Royal Gendarmerie Headquarter on 27 November 2017