ACU’s Recent Outstanding Activities in 2015

The Implementation of UNCAC Review 

ACU has fulfilled its duty as a State Party to United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) which defined the important basis for anti-corruption work, which developed the mechanism to review the implementation of UNCAC for all participated state parties. Through this mechanism, ACU, as the key and leading institution in Cambodia, developed the self-assessment checklist which is completely detailed for the implementation of UNCAC in Cambodia with the participation of all related parties such as legislative body, executive body, courts, the private sector representatives, Civil Society Organization, Development Partner, Academia, Social Media Network. Then, the ACU submitted the report to the United Nations (UN) and was ready for the monitoring of UNCAC implementation by two elected State Parties by UN including Togo and Myanmar. Moreover, in the first cycle of the review, Cambodia sent its government of experts to review this UNCAC implementation in Malta (Europe), Palau (Asia) and Saudi Arabia (Middle East) in the last three years. In the second week of September 2015, Cambodia welcomed the delegates from UNODC (03 experts) Togo (two experts) and Myanmar (02experts) to review the UNCAC implementation of Cambodia with the purpose for exchange of the views, discussions and recommendations on many related articles with the participation from all relevant parties in Cambodia, with the approximately 40 participants. The newest development comes from this review process is that at the plenary session of the Council of Ministers in April 2015, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, approved to entitle ACU (as a leading institution) to prepare and draft the law regarding the Witness Protection, working together with national and international stakeholders, especially with Ministry of Justice and to ensure that this law would be finalized by 2016.