ACU’s Recent Outstanding Activities in 2015

The Development of Disciplinary Council and Internal Audit 

With reference to Decision No. 054/14 dated 16 December 2015 with the purpose for the management of the work related to the disciplinary, integrity, transparency, the conflict of interest of the working activities of ACU as well as the reporting of the internal work achievements submitted to NCAC, the Disciplinary Council and Internal Audit body were established. It is also noted that ACU issued the internal regulation advising its officials related to gift acceptance and the dining out. For all gifts with the value of over 100,000Riel (25USD), individuals cannot accept those gifts, and he/she is required to report about these gifts to the disciplinary council in advance for their consideration and decision. For the invitation of dining out, the disciplinary council would consider the permission for this in case it is viewed that there is no conflict of interest.