ACU’s Recent Outstanding Activities in 2015

National Council Against Corruption(NCAC) – Second Mandate

On 13th July 2016, National Council Against Corruption with the presence of 11 members out of its total 11 members opened its 1st session of its 2nd mandate, presided over by His Excellency Heng Vongbunchhat, an oldest and most senior member of National Council Against Corruption. All the members of NCAC elected Chairman and Vice Chairman of National Council Against Corruption for the five-year term from 2015 to 2020. All members unanimously elected His Excellency Top Som as the President of NCAC and Lok Chomteav Men Sam Orn as a Vice President of NCAC. This is to confirm that the new members of the second mandate of NCAC included Lok Chomteav Men Sam Orn, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Assembly and Senate Relations, and Inspection, His Excellency Ang Vongvattana, Minister of Justice and His Excellency Yet Chakrya, Phnom Penh Municipal Prosecutor. In this new mandate, the new members of NCAC will assist NCAC of the second mandate to fulfill its mission more actively and effectively, to oversee and observe the work done by ACU, to provide consultations and recommendations to the ACU related to anti-corruption work.