ACU’s Recent Outstanding Activities in 2015

Skills and Capacity Building for ACU Officials 

In 2015, the ACU opened the internal training courses for its officials as follows:

The forensics training course, Law on Forestry and procedures for confiscating proceed of forests crimes, First Aid Assistance, State Assets Managements Procedures, Program Budgeting, Public Procurement, Judicial Police Officials Skill, Armed Uses Techniques, and Anti-Corruption Relevant Laws. In total 09 training courses have been conducted aiming to upgrade the skills and knowledge for officials and staff of the ACU.

In addition to this, the ACU sent its officials to attend 10 relevant regional and international training courses. The officials have increased its knowledge, skills, and experience with trainees coming from other countries who also come to attend the regional and international training courses. 33 ACU officials attended these training courses conducted in Myanmar, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Activity 5_2

ACU Officials and Other Cambodian Officials attended the Disciplinary and Inspection Control at CADIS in Beijing, China in May 2015


Activity 5_3

An official from ACU attended the training course at ACRC on the International Anti-Corruption Practitioners from 12-20 May, 2015 in Seoul and Cheongju South Korea